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On the Home Stretch

Nicky Sczesny

This piece is just about done.  Yay!  All that's left are the details.  To be quite honest, I'm so ready to be done with my Suburbs pieces and move on to my next project.  I'm thinking of doing a Lolita book cover.  Any suggestions? 

Side note, I will be in Art.Downtown. at WMCAT.  Come check out the show on Friday April 13.  Here's a video of what's in store. 

Oils, You are a Mess

Nicky Sczesny

There are moments like today where I wish I had a better memory.  For example, I wish I would've remember how strong the chemicals smell while oil painting.  Oh my goodness!  The smell literally hit me in the face.  Besides that minor detail, I had a blast and a half painting today.  I began the background for my "Suburbs" piece.  It's not much but it sure did take a while trying to paint around all those dots.  (Please excuse the horrible photo).

I may have made a bit of a mess while painting.  I also forgot that whenever I have a oil painting in progress, my hands are permanently stained.  Let's just say that when I left the class my hands were not their normal color.  

In case you were wondering what my photo reference looks like, here it is.  I used Photoshop to combine seven different photos.