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Oils, You are a Mess

Nicky Sczesny

There are moments like today where I wish I had a better memory.  For example, I wish I would've remember how strong the chemicals smell while oil painting.  Oh my goodness!  The smell literally hit me in the face.  Besides that minor detail, I had a blast and a half painting today.  I began the background for my "Suburbs" piece.  It's not much but it sure did take a while trying to paint around all those dots.  (Please excuse the horrible photo).

I may have made a bit of a mess while painting.  I also forgot that whenever I have a oil painting in progress, my hands are permanently stained.  Let's just say that when I left the class my hands were not their normal color.  

In case you were wondering what my photo reference looks like, here it is.  I used Photoshop to combine seven different photos.