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I'm Back!

Nicky Sczesny

Spring break is almost over.  To say that I'm not enthused about being back in colder weather is an understatement.  On the plus side, I had a fabulous spring break.  You may be thinking that I was extremely busy because I haven't posted in a while but that is not quite the case.  It consisted of zumba, biking and movie marathons.  Exciting, I know.  Here's just a taste of the excitement that my spring break consisted of.  

One of the rare moments when open plains actually looks beautiful.  

Obviously, we haven't matured much past five years old.  There's a bunch of holes in the ground?  Let's jump over them.  

Yes, I did go scuba diving.  Joking.  But Oklahoma Aquarium has it's similarities.  

Isn't she majestic?  I couldn't deny taking a picture of the diva in the family, Lucy.  

This just about sums up my spring break.  Was yours as adventurous as mine?


Spring Break!

Nicky Sczesny

In just a few hours I'll be on the road to Tulsa!  As I'm sure you can imagine, my mind is not 100% here.  I wasn't going to share my Suburbs piece with you because I barely worked on it, but since I won't be working on anything in the next week I decided against it.  This is just my first layer.  Obviously, I need to cover up all the white.  Once I'm done with that I'll go in and fix the colors and add in the details.  (Please excuse the poor quality of the picture.  I had to take it on my phone.)


Hope y'al have a marvelous spring break.  

Is it Spring Break Yet?

Nicky Sczesny

It's the week before spring break and I'm desperately trying to work ahead on my projects before I head home!  Life's a little crazy but it'll all be worth it once I am in the land of empty space, a.k.a Tulsa.  (Expect to see lots of photo references that I'll be taking while at home).  I'm nearing the end of some of my projects.  Right now, I'm adding in the darks and the details on my watercolor.  It still doesn't look like much but give me a few more hours of work and it'll come together.