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Guess Who's Back?

Nicky Sczesny

Hello, my dear friends. I'm back! Took some time off to work on different art projects these past few months but now I'm here to stay.

You may have noticed some updates around here. I personally felt that my old logo and layout no longer reflected my art. Times they are a changing but in a good way. So let me show you around.

First things first, this is my news section. Whenever there's something exciting happening (hello, ArtPrize 2k15) I'll post it here. Otherwise all daily sketches, new patterns and the occasional photo will be on my insta. Check it out here. (Holy shameless self promotion). 

You'll also noticed that I added a sketching section to my portfolio. In summary these are a few of my fav instagram sketches (can you tell I like instagram).

And last but not least, I'll be adding a print store soon! Yay! See that beer obsessed pattern a few lines below? Yeah, she will be the first print in the shop. She'll also be in ArtPrize so get ready to see a lot of her in the coming months. I'll be adding more prints gradually so if there's something that's not on there yet holla at your girl and I'll hook you up. Also, still doing commissions. I'd love nothing more than to illustrate a bride, bridesmaid, or your favorite runway look. Really not picky. 

Well, that about sums things up. Au revoir.